Pressure Dependence of Low Energy Fluorene Raman Lines

Pressure dependence of Raman lines

Pressure dependence of Raman lines below  600 cm-1. The green shaded triangles correspond to the 95.5 cm-1  Raman line at ambient pressure. The analysis of the Grueneisen parameter of the low energy modes reveals the intramolecular nature of this 95.5 cm-1 mode. From polarization measurements under pressure this 95.5 cm-1 line has B1 symetry. This is in excellent agreement with the normal coordinate analysis performed by Kertesz et al. [56] who calculate the fluorene butterfly mode at 95 cm-1. From the amplitude of this mode along the C···N direction this is also a very likely reaction promoting mode together with the 125 cm-1 libration.

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